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Registered 5th May, 2014 at 18:42 by Revived
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'There are so many remakes out there, why bother?' We intend of becoming not only a 2006 remake, but the [SIZE=4]BIGGEST![/SIZE]
We have 1,000$ budget in which will be used for advertising, a fantastic community, over 10 constant updating developers, around 20-30 updates every day!

[color=teal] [font=trebuchet ms][b] WHO WE ARE[/b][/font][/color]
What is 2006Revived? 2006Revived is a in-development full-remake of Runescape in May 2006, we understand that the Runescape community and in need of that nostalgic hit to make them motivated to play Runescape again, we feel that this is our duty to bring to you the most in-developed, the most dedicated project you have ever witnessed, do not take our word for it though, come and check us out!

This is what we currently have developed.

All weapons can be wielded.
All weapons have there correct attack animations.
All weapons have there respected interfaces and sounds.

All weapons can be used.
All weapons have correct animations.

All armour can be equipped.
All bonuses and de-buffs are correct.

All teleports work.
Teleporting gains Magic XP.
Correct Magic animations

All bones can be buried.
All prayers working.
Prayer drain rate perfected.

All bows can be used.
All bows have there correct animations.
Working bonuses depending on the bow.
All arrows work to their corresponding bow.

Every bar smithable.
Every bar smeltable.
Correct animations.

All tiara's added.
Finding alters via talismans perfected.
All working altars.

Correct Crafting animations.
All d'hide's craftable.
Spinning perfected.

All ores mineable.
Emptying and refilling rocks.
Prospecting perfected.
Correct pickaxe finding and animations.

All fishes fishable
All working equipment.
Correct fishing animations.

All fishes cookable
All meats cookable
Correct animations and burnings.
Can eat all food.

Correct animations, and failures.
All logs lightable.
Can click logs on ground and light.
All logs lightable.

Working Quest point system.
All Free Quests coded.
[color=orange]15% Member Quests coded. (Including Monkey Madness)[/color]

Duel Arena
Pest Control
Barbarian Assault

Correct Agility animations.
Three courses coded.
Correct XP and failures.

All herbs working and usable.
All herbs identifiable.
All herbs can be mixed and created into potions.
Correct animations.

All stalls thievable.
Correct failures and stun rates.
Correct dialogue for failures.

All bows fletchable.
All arrows fletchable.
All bolts fletchable.
All darts flethable.

All monsters slayable.
Perfected rewards and XP.
Correct slayer tasks and reasonable amounts.
Correct awards.
Need certain items to attack some creatures.

All seeds plantable.
Harvesting perfected.
Correct XP rates.
Compost bins.

Stumps and regrowing trees
Correct hatchet animations
All trees cut-able.
All birds nests working.


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