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Registered 21st May, 2014 at 19:19 by Jamietomlin
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Private Server Description

Why would you want to join?

We listen to the community. The community is the most important part of any game or server and on Project-Xelios you will find yourself in one of the best RSPS communities. We also have excellent staff, and we work every day to improve our server. Project-Xelios is an economy focused server.

There are many features in-game, and you can see a list below and link with all the links needed to play.

Links -

- VPS Hosted 2GB
- 24/7
- No lag
- Stable Economy
- 100% Uptime
- Perfect hit formula for melee, range and magic
- 138 combat, summoning counts
- Constant Updates
- Professional and active Staff
- Active Clean Forums
- Old and new Runescape Armor
- DonatorZone (with shops)
- Loyalty point system with shop
- Various shops.
- Dominion Tower
- Lava Flow Mining
- Jadinko Lair
- Frost Dragons
- Bork
- Tormented Demons
- New Godwars (Zaros/Nex, Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin)
- Squeal of fortune.
- Bone's on altar.
- Hunter.
- All the GodWars Dungeons.
- Fully working Nex.
- Curses, ancients etc.
- Working Revenants.
- Queen Black Dragon
- Fight Kiln
- Fight Caves
- Custom Dung!
- Working chaotics
- Working Flowers and Dicing
- Money pouch
- Working clan wars!
- Great staff and community
- fully working slayer and slayer tower!
- Auto-Voting
- Auto-Donate
- Great PvP and switching
- Owner takes all ideas into consideration.
- Perfect switching
- unique home
- & all the usual Matrix stuff!

Just a small selection of pictures below, don't call me a 'leech' or say it's a bad server before you've even tried it, maybe it's not got the most unique content ever but not many servers do, just don't give me hate.

My Staff
Fuzen Seth
Santa Hat
Matrix team.

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