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Registered 30th July, 2015 at 21:04 by Fortis
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[URL=""]Development Log[/URL]
Fortis: Survival ([COLOR="#B22222"]Coming Soon![/COLOR])

[COLOR="#324fff"]General Information[/COLOR]
Home: Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Revision: 718 (loading 728 cache)
Game Modes: Legacy, Ironman
XP Modes: Very Easy (x10 XP), Easy (x5 XP), Normal (x1 XP), Hard (x.75XP)
XP-Mode-Adjusted Drop Rate: Very Easy (x.5 Drop Rate), Easy (x.75 Drop Rate), Normal (x1 Drop Rate), Hard (x1.25 Drop Rate)

"Marks" Point System*
Boss Contracts
Over 15 places to train
Gold Chest that gives a random rare item
Old-New Item Looks
Money Pouch

[COLOR="#324fff"]"Marks" Point System[/COLOR]
In Fortis, there are three types of Marks that players can earn.
Their names are Skill Marks, Fortis Marks, and Raptor Marks.
Skill Marks are earned from training non-combat skills;
Fortis Marks are earned from voting, being active over 20 minutes at a time, and completing daily tasks;
Raptor Marks are earned from completing contracts for killing boss monsters.

[COLOR="#324fff"]Coming Soon[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="#324fff"]Available Skills[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#324fff"]Skills in Development[/COLOR]

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